University Park Community Association is ...

- a gated and master-planned residential community with 1200 single family homes in 32 diverse, but    harmonized neighborhoods.

- a pre-eminent and mature development, in what has become a unique and highly-valued location in S.W. Florida.

- a conservatively managed and well-funded Community Association, with stable annual assessments and reserves well in excess of 75% of replacement values.

- tightly linked to the University Park Country Club, that is owned and operated by the separate University Park Recreation District (UPRD).

Every homeowner in University Park is a member of UPCAI and is bound by the covenants and restrictions set by the community to establish and protect the high community standards that have attracted homeowners to University Park for over 25 years of existence. 


Whether you are new to University Park or one of our long-standing homeowners, we hope that the information contained on this site will help you understand how your community is managed and answer many questions while guiding you in your day-to-day living in this very special community.

We will continue to refine and add to this site so it meets the needs of residents and helps you get the most out of  living in University Park.  Your comments and suggestions are particularly welcomed and can be sent via the "Contact Us" tab in the menu above.