The max speed limit in the community is 24 mph! 


Interested in what we do?

CLICK HERE to review the job responsibilities for our gate staff attendants and roving patrol rovers!

Need a New Barcode?

All barcodes are now in BLACK!

CLICK HERE  for the Request Form! Remember, it can take a few days for a request to be processed. For the speediest response, please make sure you submit your current vehicle registration with your form, and give us as much information as possible. 

Safety & Access Control Committee - Town Hall Meetings

The Safety and Access Control Committee, which meets regularly, also holds Town Hall meeting on matters of broad community interest. All these meeting are announced and open to all homeowners/ residents.

Important materials from recent Town Hall meetings are listed below. Please click on the links to view the documents.

Carbon Monoxide Flyer
Exit Drills In The Home (E.D.I.T.H.) Flyer
MCSO Citizens Academy Handout
MSCO Crime Prevention Flyer
Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue - All About Smoke
Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue - Keep Your Kitchen Fire & Burn Safe
Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue Newsletter
Ten Tips for Fire Safety Flyer

Hurricane Disaster Planning Guide


CLICK HERE to go to the resident gate access log-in page.  If you are unsure what your login credentials are, please email our administration staff at

For step-by-step login instructions and for how to add a guest, please CLICK HERE to view the resident guide.  You may also view the dwellingLIVE video on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

Check out our responses to the dwellingLIVE Frequently Asked Questions by CLICKING HERE.


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Barcodes for Non-Resident

Family Members

Approved Non-resident Family Members may purchase a maximum of 2 barcodes for their vehicles at the purchase price of $15.00 each by providing a copy of the vehicle registration and completion of the Request Form.

If a replacement is needed, the old barcode must be exchanged for the new barcode, along with payment of $15.00 for the replacement barcode. CLICK HERE for the request form!

Resident Lane - Stoplight!

The stoplight is programmed to turn green when the barcode scanner has successfully read an authorized barcode. 

Please DO NOT proceed if the stoplight has not turned green.

PLEASE use caution and allow the gate arm to complete its full operating cycle.  The gate arm will fully descend after each vehicle.  Failure to allow the gate arm to fully recycle risks the gate arm causing damage to your vehicle, in addition to an administrative fee of $250.