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Architecture & Landscape Committee

8301 The Park Boulevard

University Park, FL  34201

Email:  alc@upcai-fl.com

All homes in University Park have been constructed and landscaped in accordance with design guidelines published in a booklet entitled "Close to Perfect" and "Classical Details".  You should have received a copy when you purchased your home.  Additional copies are available at the Property Management Offices or may be downloaded in PDF format from this site.


All changes to your home's exterior appearance must be approved, in advance, by the Architecture & Landscape Committee (ALC).  Please allow up to 30 days for the review process and return response. A link to a printable form for submitting proposed changes to the committee is included on this page.  Copies of the submission form can also be obtained from the Property Management office at 8301 The Park Boulevard. 

Each submission to the committee must be accompanied by a check or money order in the amount of the appropriate fee, where applicable, and made payable to UPCAI.  A current schedule of fees can be found  by clicking on additional information below.  If you are unsure which fee is applicable to your situation, please contact the committee at alc@upcai-fl.com.  Each submission is reviewed and assessed independently and additional fees may apply.

Please note that all external changes proposed to your home require ALC review and approval.  To guide your project planning, the committee has issued a set of A-Z Criteria which establish guidelines for a variety of external changes.  You can access the A-Z Guidelines and Criteria by clicking on the relevant item in the list and it is recommended that you refer to these in preparing your submission.