University Park Community Association, Inc. (UPCAI), of which all University Park homeowners are members, is a Florida Statute 720 homeowner association.  It is responsible for the management of the common property, services and assets of the residential part of University Park, in the best interests of the Homeowners.  
It is managed entirely separately from the the Country Club that is operated by the University Park Recreation District.​  The UPCAI Board consists of seven Directors, elected by the Voting Members of the Association.  
Turnover of full control of UPCAI to the homeowners was finalized on Dec 17, 2019. Homeowners' rights and responsibilities within University Park are protected by Florida statute and by several key Community Association governance documents.
The key services provided to homeowners include:
  • Architectural guidance and approval for homeowners
  • Maintenance of platted common land in each neighborhood and the master association.
  • Maintenance of common infrastructure including: access control to the Park; roads, lighting & signage; irrigation systems; sewer system, 
  • Maintenance of the surface and ground water management systems, including 49 ponds and storm water system.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the architecture, design and appearance of common areas and neighborhoods
  • The major bulk service contract with Comcast/Xfinity, that provides all our homes with high-speed Internet and X-1 digital preferred TV services. 
Important documents are posted on this site that explain various guidelines and procedures for homeowners.  It is designed as a Single Point, Reference Center for understanding your role in maintaining the unique character of this award-winning community.