UPCAI Committees
UPCAI Committees are appointed by the Board of Directors and are actively involved in helping to set direction and managing the present and future of our community.  They report to the Board - where all key decisions are made - and work closely with our property manager (PBM LLC).  Their immediate objectives are set out below.  
If you would like to contribute your time and knowledge to help on any of these committees, please contact the appropriate chair directly.

All meetings of Association  Committees are open to all University Park residents to attend.

Chair Council - Chair, Kristine Pizzi - Vice-Chair, Richard Tennenbaum 
This committee consists of the 32 Neighborhood Committee Chairpersons who, as a committee, advise the Association Board on matters of interest or concern to association members.  It serves as the primary communication between neighborhood committees, homeowners and the elected Board. 
It is informed (by the other committees below) in advance of any proposed major action, material un-budgeted expenditure or recommended changes to board policies and is given the opportunity to comment on these to the board.
The committee meets on the second Monday of every month, unless otherwise announced.
Finance - Chair, Bill Lockhorn

Objectives for 2020

  1. Review of reports prepared by management including operations and reserve budgets, monthly financial statements (balance sheets, operating performance and variance reports), aging of receivables and adequacy of allowances.

  2. Review of proposed insurance programs based on recommendations from insurance professionals.

  3. Review of Association financial policies to ensure adequacy of internal controls and integrity of the financial statements.

  4. Authorize Treasurer or Treasurer's designee to execute investment transactions consistent with the investments policy set by the Board.  The Board will approve all completed transactions.

  5. Recommend auditor selection to the Board

Infrastructure - Chair, Tom Christopher

GOALS- 2020

  1. In coordination with PBM, oversee a program for UPCAI that meets the requirements of the WUP license.  In the case that certain requirements cannot be met (e.g. vendor supply issues), coordinate with SWFWMD to adjust requirements as appropriate

  2. Perform a detailed cost estimate study of an upgrade of the UP lift stations, gravity flow sewer lines , manholes, and force mains to meet Manatee County requirements.  Produce a cost benefit analysis for continued ownership by UP versus turnover to Manatee County and present this to the Chair Council and Board of Directors for a decision.

  3. Strengthen the engineering skill base in the committee in order to provide improved engineering advisory services as required by UPCAI and PBM when necessary.

  4. Systemically review the “Reserve Items” predicted lifetimes and produce analysis to more accurately estimate required reserves

  5. In concert with the Finance Committee, implement a formal process when evaluating new infrastructure improvement, repair or replacement ideas such that  a thorough cost benefit analysis is performed and documented.

Safety & Access Control - Co-Chairs, Gio Cantarella & David Cohen

To maintain the intrinsic values of a “gated” community and the lifestyle of the University Park Community through sound access control to the Park and safety procedures throughout. 

Objectives for 2020

  1. Conduct at least two Town Hall meetings for Residents, Homeowners and Club members (eg. Safety and Security and Hurricane Preparedness and Medical Myths and Tips).

  2. Continue to support and interact with PBM (eg. work together with the new entity on Access and Safety and input to CCRs).

  3. Support the Access team's implementation of access control procedures and vendor verification for the entirety of University Park (eg. provide advice and assistance in all safety and access matters).

  4. Implement speed mitigation elements (cameras/other methods) to ensure road user safety (eg. purchase and install speed detection devices, develop speed limit recommendations based on fact-based data when available).

  5. Continue support of CERT policies and procedures to disseminate disaster preparedness information and support homeowner and resident safety during disaster events (eg. work with and support the UP CERT board, control funding and expenditures).

  6. Work efficiently and communicate with other formal committees, as required, to fulfill all committee's objectives.

Community Outreach Committee - Chair, Linda Versluis

The  Outreach Committee has selected the following charitable efforts for 2020:

  1. Feeding Empty Little Tummies (FELT), the original backpack program in Manatee County, providing food to homeless students and their families for weekend consumption.  This food collection will coincide with a Valentine’s Day theme in February.

  2. Food Bank of Manatee in April, collecting nonperishable food from residents as they leave for the summer months.  Residents will also be given the opportunity to donate funds through the secure Food Bank of Manatee website.  

  3. Hugs and Smiles Campaign in August, sponsored by the Eternal Bread of Life Outreach.  This charity provides support to needy families for the purchase of school supplies and school uniforms prior to the onset of the new school year.

  4. Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Food Drive in November, collecting nonperishable food and monetary donations for the purchase of frozen turkeys. Food is then given to local charities, who assemble holiday food baskets for needy families in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.      


Goals for 2020 are as follows:

  1. The committee would like to develop a newsletter to highlight charitable activities happening within University Park as a whole.

  2. The committee plans to continue discussions with the University Park Women’s Club on how we might work together in support of a common charitable event.  As the Women’s Club fiscal year begins in the summer, we will likely be planning an activity for 2021.